Eight of the best large indoor plants

1. Kentia palm (howea forsteriana)

The classic indoor palm! Popular in the Victorian era, these palms bring elegance and grace into any room. Best positioned raised up high on a plant stand or table in a corner to prevent the wide spreading fronds from getting in the way. A very easy plant to care for, they can withstand low-light conditions, low humidity, infrequent watering and cool temperatures so can survive in a fairly dark corner. However, they thrive in bright indirect sunlight - don't leave in a full sun position or their leaves will burn. Only water when the soil is dry to the touch. A must have house plant for us at PLANT.FURNITURE!

2. Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa)

The quickest way to bring a jungle, tropical feeling indoors. Native to southern Mexico, the mostera deliciosa can grow up to 20 metres tall in the wild but will  only reach 2-3 metres indoors. It loves bright indirect light and temperatures of 20–30 °C. It can survive in a darker position but will produce smaller leaves with less holes (like ours!). Needs to be supported with a central stake, it's natural growing environment would be growing up a tree trunk wrapping itself around and meandering it's way up to the light. Works well behind a bath, or sofa to add some greenery to dead space.

3. Dragon tree (dracaena draco)

The ultimate low maintenance plant! Doesn't really show any signs of neglect. Native to several islands in the north Atlantic sea including the canaries & cape verde, dracaena draco became popular in the 1960s as it embodies coolness with tan coloured stems and striped leaves. It can withstand darker positions and best placed in a light shade position, away from direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves. It's full height indoors is about 2 metres, but remains slim so perfect for a smaller space. This plant gets better with age as the slender stems grow in wonderful ways to the light - anyone lucky enough to have an oldie has an architectural delight in their home! 

4. Xanadu (philodendron xanadu)

The philodendron xanadu is the ultimate house plant for exotic garden obsessive but requires some space as it grows into a wide shaped shrub. Native to Brazil but works well as a houseplant in cooler climates. A perfect plant for a shady corner as it dislikes anywhere too bright. It's leaves liked to be kept free of dust so it is good to rinse under the shower every now and then or give the leaves a wipe with a damp cloth. A very handsome plant with beautiful big dissected leaves and fleshy stems.

5. Weeping fig (ficus benjamina)

The ficus benjamina, native to Asia and Australia, is perfect for adding a big mass of green colour to a room and can work well in limited spaces. The elegant hanging branches bring a gentle, relaxed feeling to its surroundings, with both glossy green and variegated varieties available. Loves a bright sunny position but will tolerate darker shady spots and forgetting to be watered! 

6. Devil's ivy (epipremnum aureum)

This large leaved climber is a fast grower and is a perfect plant for creating a lush indoor space by placing high up on a shelf and leaving the tendrils to hang freely down the wall. Alternatively a large floor plant will wind up around a moss stick support or any columns! Extremely fast growing, with ariel roots, the devil's ivy loves indirect light and plenty of water. It is also easy to take cuttings from to get even more greenery! 


7. Fiddle-leaf fig (ficus lyrata)

The ficus lyrata has gained in popularity in recent years and is now one of the most commonly featured indoor plants among instagrammers! Found growing in lowland tropical rainforests and native to western Africa it can reach heights of 15 metres in the wild! In a temperate climate indoors, it can reach an impressive height of 3 metres and it's oversized big glossy fig shaped leaves are beautiful and bring that jungle feeling indoors. This plant is fairly tricky to care for, it likes direct light, but not too harsh and good drainage. One to keep an eye on to keep happy. Here's a beautiful example soaking up the dappled light from friends of PLANT.FURNITURE.


8. Bird of paradise (strelitzia)

Perfect for creating a tropical paradise at home, the bird of paradise creates a beautiful architectural focal point. This plant is native to South Africa and grows up to 2 metres tall with banana like shaped leaves in a fan like crown. It's flowers resemble the neck and beak of an exotic bird. Perfect for a cool, sunny position near to lots of glass. This one is still on the list at PLANT.FURNITURE HQ - waiting until we have the perfect spot!

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