Helene large indoor plant pot, fiery orange and yellow wave on brown and beige

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A large modern plant pot manufactured in Germany by Otto Keramik exclusively for plant.furniture. 

This design is named Helene meaning 'Bright one' and features a fiery orange and yellow glazed wave on a brown and beige base.



  • Hand-made by a family-run business using the same techniques developed in the 1950s and 1960s by pioneering 'fat lava' producer Otto Gerharz.

  • Glazes individually applied by hand so each planter is a unique and one of a kind item.

  • Felt base and completely waterproof so will not damage furniture or floors.

  • Can accommodate large plants such as kentia palms, fiddle-leaf figs and cheese plants.

  • Uses clay that is mined locally using traditional methods and in a sustainable way.

Available in two sizes;


Inside rim width CM

Overall width CM

Height CM





Extra large





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