Testimonials for our contemporary range

"My Favourite planter! It shows that the pot can make even a an insignificant plant look really quite special." Alexandra Campbell - author, journalist and blogger at The Middle-Sized Garden

"I genuinely love this pot, it is good quality and looks stunning.  What more could one want? It is well made and has little felt pads on the base so it will not mark your furniture." Alison Levey, blogger at The Blackberry Garden

Our story

At plant.furniture we love big statement indoor plants such as palms, fiddle-leaf figs and cheese plants. However, finding the right pot for these plants is always a challenge, and often means settling for functional mass-produced designs.

We decided to do something better!

On our mission to find the best plant pots available we fell in love with West German planters of the 1960s and 70s (as well as similar styles produced in East Germany, the Netherlands and Italy). Plant pots produced in this period by companies such as Marei, Scheurich, Jopeko, Fohr and Strehla include a myriad of styles, colours and textures that make even the most familiar plant look fantastic.

With inspiration from these designs we have created a range of extra large indoor plant pots, manufactured in an original German factory using the same techniques and with the same levels of craftsmanship. With these new products we hope to revive and showcase the beauty of mid-century art pottery in a way that captures the imagination of both new and existing fans.

Combining a beautiful statement plant with one of our large contemporary plant pots provides a centrepiece for any interior, while adding a level of design and craftsmanship that makes plants look their very best!

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